LG GD910 comes to your wrist soon, if you can afford it

One of the most curious devices that we had the opportunity to see at this year's Mobile World Congress was the LG GD910, a mobile phone in the form of a wristwatch that looks more like a spy movie than an operator's catalog.

But it is real and will arrive soon in Spain from the hand of Orange. The confirmation of the operator is missing to know the exact date and the price, but it should be on sale at the end of this month, with a more than high cost, 1000 euros. Of course, reserved for a privileged few.

He LG GD910 It is not, as can be deduced from the price, a simple phone, since it incorporates, for example, 3G connectivity or a 1.4-inch touch screen with a good resolution. Bluetooth will be essential to operate this phone in a comfortable way.

Thanks to the technology of voice recognition and text-to-speech conversion, we will not be limited by the small size of the screen for its management, making it easier, for example, to write SMS with it, simply dictating them.

Other features that it incorporates are a video call, MP3 music playback or a speaker, in addition to being waterproof, we imagine that it is only splashproof and not submersible. Regardless, it's still an expensive treat.

More information | LG.

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