LG GT540, Android with access to social networks

LG has not yet made much noise in the field of Android phones, but with the LG GT540 they want to enhance what already started with the GW620, focusing, above all, on the social functions of the terminal.

To do this, they offer a series of tools with which we can access networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Bebo. That without forgetting the multimedia section, clearly focusing it on a consumer market that is introduced for the first time in the world of smartphones.

Thus, the LG GT540 offers compatibility with videos in DivX formats and VMW, improvements in the multimedia player, a 3 megapixel camera with autofocus and the possibility of using MicroSD memory cards of up to 32 GB to store all the content.

But being an Android terminal, you could not forget the Google applications, including Maps, Gmail or YouTube, in addition to all those that we can download from the Android Market. It also has widgets and custom desktop themes.

The LG GT540 will go on sale from April 2010, although we hope they offer more technical specifications and the price before that date, as they are data that has not been revealed during the ESC.

More information | LG.

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