LG GW990, first phone to use Intel's Moorestown platform

At the hands of LG Koreans we find the first mobile phone that uses the processor at CES Intel Moorestown, the new device that we present you responds to the name of LG GW990. To continue making a difference with the rest, use the operating system Moblin OS.

Its appearance reminds us of an elongated iPhone, generous in size and with the odd button on each side. Actually, it is the screen that determines such dimensions, since we find 4.8 inch (122mm) and a somewhat special resolution: 1024 x 480 pixels.

The screen looks really good, and thanks to its size it is ideal for multimedia content or viewing web pages, especially in a landscape way. On the negative side we will say that they have chosen the resistive technology for your conception.

At XatakaMóvil we talked about Moblin a couple of months ago, so we commented that they were preparing a mobile version that seems to have become a reality, at least in the form of a prototype. We remember that Moblin is based on Linux and it has as one of its main characteristics a resource management oriented to energy saving.

It has an interface based on S-Class 3D LG, accompanied by a new way of managing multitasking, showing different Windows Vista Flip3D style overlapping windows, or even the different horizontally arranged processes sharing the screen.

The device is very powerful from the point of view of the process, since it can reproduce video in 720p format without apparent problem, and that is that we are above all a rival to beat on multitasking issues. In the video that I propose below you will be able to see how it loads different applications at the same time that it executes a video at maximum quality:

Other technical specifications to highlight on the device are its 16GB of internal memory, a slot for microSD memory cards, a camera with 5 megapixels or WiFi and HSPA connectivity. In terms of battery, an 1850mAh unit has been chosen, with an autonomy of 5 hours of 3G use.

Its location in the market is not entirely clear, it has functionalities of telephones and dimensions of a multimedia device, rather than a smartphone conventional. In any case, the initial impressions of the device are very positive in terms of the power that Intel Moorestown can offer, a risky bet by Intel to bring the x86 architecture to mobile devices.

According to statements by LG itself in the past CES, the LG GW990 will be on the market in the second half of the year, another question is the price that a device of this nature may have, or the possible changes it may receive in this course ( in time they are to place a capacitive screen).

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