LG shows off its window covers for the G2, inspired by Samsung

Curious way to announce a new product, first teach us the accessories, then the phone. We are talking about the next important Android phone for the Korean firm, called - the Optimus surname disappears - LG G2. Its official presentation will take place in New York on August 7.

To heat engines, LG has decided that we see the covers of the LG G2, which to the surprise of few, take inspiration where Samsung launched for your Galaxy S4. They are characterized by having a window in the front area, so that we do not have to open it to know the main notifications, or perform some functions.

Let's not give it a lot of thought, LG QuickWindow It is exactly the same idea that Samsung has already used successfully. This time there will be up to seven different colors at launch, the best thing is that we meet her in a video:

Some difference that we can detect: the window is bigger, taking advantage of more space vertically, and they have had a good idea when do not cover the notification LED with the cover located in the upper area.

A detail to take into account is that the screen is made with LCD technologyIt is not OLED as in the case of Samsung. Starting from this basis, the screen must be illuminated in its entirety to draw the window in the case of the LG model, which becomes a point in favor of consumption for Samsung. On the positive side of LG, it seems that some gestures have been worked to perform in the small window.

The reality is that LG has been working on the strategy in the last six months, either by copying what others do, or with some idea of ​​their own. Mainly it is having greater success with the mid-range (Optimus F and L2), in the high Samsung it is unbeatable.

For those who do not have it in mind, you can see the Samsung model, called S View Cover, then:

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