LG Pop, a compact touchscreen phone

LG Pop is the new mobile phone that comes onto the market with the mission of popularizing touchscreen terminals without fear of having to carry a large terminal in terms of size in your pocket.

The LG GD510, its formal name, has a 3-inch screen WQVGA and it boasts above all of being a multimedia phone. For this, it has support for most video and music formats that we can store in its 8 GB internal memory.

The camera remains at three megapixels, although we have already verified many times that the number of megapixels is not synonymous with the fact that the photos are going to have the quality we expect.

The design, as LG has been doing for some time, is very attractive, with straight but smooth lines and a touch of continuous glass that makes the handling and vision of this new LG Pop very pleasant. Aluminum, light and resistant, is part basic construction of the terminal.

The LG Pop goes on sale in mid-October in Europe and we don't expect it to be priced too high. An option will be to purchase it with a back cover that feeds the battery with solar energy.

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