LG launches into the adventure of mobile television in the US

Although when we talk about mobile television we always we turn our minds And we look at Asia (mainly Korea) virtually, LG is determined to give it a serious try in the US. But not with a mobile phone as we all would have thought at first but through a team that mixes digital television signal reception with portable playback of DVD discs.

That first model called LG DP570MH will be shown at CES 2010 next week, with the idea of ​​being one of the first to be available in a new market for digital television on the move that is making its way in the US and which will explode this year. 2010. Many other brands will try, and we will see how computers begin to think seriously about receiving this television signal.

The LG DP570MH comes with built-in speakers and a 7-inch screen with slightly poor resolution, 480x234 pixels. From its design we liked that the screen can be folded down as if it were a laptop, thus making it more comfortable to transport.

LG DP570MH, DVD and television in one unit

The LG DP570MH has a difficult time entering a US market by offering DVD and CD playback along with digital television signal reception. As free as this is, it seems like a step backwards. The television model is definitely changing and this is not the solution we want.

For those interested, say that this DVD with television includes two headphone outputs to share the contents, which can include music in WMA and photos in JPEG, contents that we can also take from a USB stick.

As for autonomy, when we use it with its battery, the LG DP570MH lasts 2.5 hours in television mode and up to 4.5 hours when playing DVD discs. Its price will be about $ 250, with no date of sale for the defined sale.

Also a television version of the LG Lotus

LG has another model ready to present itself in the American market and that refines a little more on the subject of mobile television. It is the LG Lotus DTV, a reissue of the original LG Lotus that incorporates an antenna and the possibility of receiving a digital television signal.

Both the DVD and the mobile phone will use the new digital television chips that LG has been developing, and whose latest version is the LG2160R. Its evolution will be shown from March, with the improvements of a smaller size, less consumption and improvements in performance. Then we will see them in a whole range of products for mobile digital television reception, among them, usb sticks.

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