LG Secret already in Spain

The LG Secret phone, one of the rivals of the Apple iPhone, already has a sale date in Spain. It will be in July when we can buy this terminal at the price that the operators decide.

The LG Secret we remember that it is the third phone in the Black Label series, which already had the famous LG Chocolate and the LG Shine as equipment on the market. The LG Secret can also be recognized by LG KF750, but let's admit that the first name hooks much more.

Like previous models in the series, the LG Secret It stands out for two aspects: eye-catching design and a 5 megapixel camera.

If we had to keep some features of this phone, they would be the following:

  • Phone finish: carbon fiber for the case and screen with tempered glass shield for durability and resistance.
  • Dual interface: keyboard and touch screen.
  • Photo camera that plays video at 120 fps and Divx, with built-in editing software.
  • Google Package, which leaves us applications like Gmail, Google Maps and Youtube on the phone, which takes advantage of HSDPA connectivity.
  • Accelerometer to get gyroscopic effect when we use for example games.

We will see at what price the operators offer it, and if these features that we have highlighted win over the interface of the iPhone or the power and charm of the HTC Touch Diamond. At the moment, the design is not passionate, too classic.

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