LG will use SavaJe technology

SavaJe (and not wild as many have read the first time) is LG's bet for its mobile phones next year. It is an operating system, the SavaJe OS, the result of a free implementation of Sun's Java, but intended for mobile devices. The adoption of this technology by LG has allowed it to customize the applications that will incorporate its mobiles, offering, for example, file management utilities, instant messaging and much more.

The first mobile to incorporate it (of which we do not know the name yet) is the model in the photograph, which will have a 176 × 220 TFT screen, 1.3 Megapixel camera, Bluetooth, SD card, and the possibility of playing audio and video in MPEG format. .Its launch is scheduled for next year, and it will be then when we see how the move turns out for LG.

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