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Honestly, I don't think LG created the V20 with the intention of breaking the market with its sales, nor did it when introducing the V10 to us. That was the mission of the LG G5, which as we have been able to verify in successive months, did not achieve its goal, despite being a different bet, as capable as the best of phones.

In this difference, LG wants to move, either with the modularity of the G5, or with the speciality of the V phones proposal. I think that you are not interested in entering into a direct confrontation with the market leaders in the high range, since They have already earned the point of "telephone representation", the Koreans have to find other formulas.

The LG V20 is going to look for its market in a specific audience, a type of customer who wants the latest in hardware, without neglecting appearance and qualities, but also wants a plus in some aspects: a superior audio system, screens and cameras by game double, and removable battery. In design LG proposes a different alternative to those who want to spend the money on an iPhone, Note or Galaxy.

LG's perseverance and desire to innovate in the high-end are worth admiring: LG G5 has not been well received, but they keep trying with new things

Regardless of the product itself, we do not know if it makes much sense to present something like this the day before Apple does it, we already know that all the media focus will be on the new iPhones, and regardless of possible comparisons, it will always end up being in the background. LG stuff.

If you want to know the phone in more detail, we have a special article for it, dealing specification by specification. I summarize that this is a large phone, with a 5.7-inch screen and QHD resolution. Inside it has the latest hardware to not seem less than a Note 7. Now I tell you what my first impressions are:

Two screens, two cameras, and quality audio. We are struck by the rear opening system in an aluminum mobile: there is the removable battery and the microSD slot

Taking some LG G5, another little V10

My colleague Iván has treated this matter in detail, LG has decided that two families of phones can coexist in its high-end range, as it also happens in Samsung or iPhone, but here the differences in “brand” and design are more pronounced: a V is It looks little like a G. Again looking for differentiation, looking for the taste of customers looking for something else.

LG V20 is a metal phone that lets us remove the back cover to access the battery

The modularity of the G5 has not been well received so all the rumors that we had heard about its transfer to the V20 disappeared with logic in the presentation of the new phone. The idea has brought more problems than advantages, especially when it comes to consistency and construction.

Of course, aluminum is well present in the phone, and this does not imply that it cannot be opened, in fact the back cover is still made of that material and allows us access to the removable battery and microSD memory slot (there is a button to open the lid). In the market this type of design is strange, but there is LG to do it again differently.

Secondary display is now larger and doubles brightness levels: 24 digits of information

Yes, there is something they liked about the G5 and they want to keep it, which is its design lines and simpler textures, with the keypad on the back. The LG V10 was a clearly more striking and ornate textures phone, also heavier and larger than this V20, so in this sense it seems to us a positive renovation. LG claims it remains just as tough in its tests.

Things that would make a V20 better

  • Bigger battery

The battery has improved in size without having to create a bigger phone: we went from the 3,000mAh of the LG V10 to the 3,200mAh of the new model. It is a normal amount on phones of your size.

Ok, the progress is positive, but I think they should have taken advantage of a phone like this to stand out with a great capacity, surely they would have demanded the attention of a large part of the public that demands that, without changing their appearance too much.

The modules stayed for the G5, and we'll see if they keep them. There are two points where it does not follow Note 7: there is no pointer or water resistance
  • Stereo speakers

If you have a phone that is a bomb in technology dedicated to audio, capable of generating the best sound quality as a mobile source, do not neglect the speaker. I am not saying that it is bad, that will have to be proven, but we can say that the configuration chosen is that of a mono speaker.

To meet a great set, a pair of front speakers could have been useful as we have seen in other phones, competitors, HTC or Sony.

  • No space for modules

It is not the philosophy of the V series, that's what the G are for, but you will not deny me that there are interesting ideas to develop with modules. In the G5 the proposal has been quite stopped, there have been no new "friends", which indicates that the interest of the general public is not in that.

On paper the V20 is a powerhouse in the reproduction and recording of sound, but it would not have been wrong to leave the door open for modules that make it a more capable tool
  • It is not waterproof

It is not that it is the specification that everyone is looking for, but since they are looking for excellence or differentiation, very few play here: mainly Sony and Samsung. In this it does not change with respect to V10, but they do tell us that its new aluminum construction preserves resistance.

  • Without pointer

If there's no stylus or pen, it doesn't directly compete with a Note, I'd say one. He is not without reason, since each generation that passes the S Pen is more capable and allows that factor of differentiation between the phablets. It's fair to say that LG maintains some pointer phones, but without very special technology in them.

Things I love about the LG V20

  • The latest from Android

That the phones go on sale and we have to be thinking about whether they come with the latest software is worrying. If it comes with Android and I'm going to spend a fortune, that is with the most modern, please. This is the promise of LG, which says that we will buy it with "Nougat", even before those Pixel phones.

It is not trivial, carrying the latest software version implies better optimizations, more security, news, redesigns, and functionalities. In the case of LG it seems that it is well covered by its layer, applications and services, which are usually not very heavy, so we are not going to complain about it.

  • Removable battery

At LG they have one thing clear, all their high-end phones have to have a way to change the battery. This was demonstrated to us with the LG G5, and they prioritize it again with the V20. We explain a few lines above, you can access it by removing the back cover.

The reason they give us at LG is that there are people who demand the possibility of carrying several batteries and changing them, such as video professionals who already use high-end devices to record content. Recording in 4K consumes batteries at breakneck speed, better to change it than to charge it, no matter how fast we have.

  • Superior Audio

Sure, everyone likes their music to be heard well, having good headphones and streaming services on the phone, but LG takes that for granted and targets audiophiles. Those who differentiate quality to a higher level or need an audio source with these characteristics.

To do this, they put new circuitry inside the V20, such as a 32-bit “Quad DAC” chip - ESS Saber ES9218. The hardware will work to take advantage - improve distortion and dynamic range - to make audio worthwhile in high-quality outdoor headphones and sound systems, including wireless systems.

They report that Bang & Olufsen has also had a hand in this matter, in fact the headphones that come in the package are B&O Play. When recording sound, the V20 is capable of recording stereo content in 24 bit / 192kHz quality, in FLAC format. There are three microphones to perform noise cancellation.

  • We look forward to a great camera

As soon as what has been achieved with the V10 is repeated, everything will be fine. The phone had a great camera and it seems that this is a priority in this young family of high-end phones. For the occasion a dual camera configuration is used with which to achieve wide angle and greater precision in focus.

We have a 16-megapixel main sensor with 75-degree vision (f / 1.8), and another 8-megapixel sensor that opens the angle to 135 degrees (f / 2.4). The front camera is 5 megapixels with up to 120 degrees in wide mode (f / 1.9).

Inside, a lot of new technology to try: they tell us that they have introduced a new stabilization system developed by Qualcomm, which pulls a gyroscope. There are also improvements in rolling shutter distortions, and a laser-assisted hybrid focusing system is introduced.

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