Linux on the Galaxy via DeX, Samsung shows a video of this promising option

One of the most striking features of the Samsung Galaxy S8 / S8 + is the ability to use them as a desktop computer thanks to the Samsung DeX accessory.

We have already seen how this commitment to the convergence of Samsung worked, but those responsible for the company recently announced that they would soon offer another interesting option: access to a complete Linux desktop with these devices, something that we can now see in action in a new video. demonstrative.

More options for mobile-desktop convergence

The demo makes use of a DeX desktop application called "Linux on Galaxy" from which a functional Ubuntu 16.04.3 LTS ("Xenial Xerus") session is started. Not only that: there is an icon with the "plus" symbol that could indicate that other Linux distributions could be used through these devices.

In this video, applications such as the Eclipse development environment are run, and in fact Samsung seems to want to focus this option on developers who want to directly take advantage of this native development platform to implement Android applications directly, not in cross-border environments such as the traditional ones based on Windows or MacOS.

There is no mention of other more end-user-oriented applications, but it is more than likely that we have access to a wide catalog of tools that are either pre-compiled and available to work directly, or we can access the source code to compile and use them as in traditional desktop environments.

No data has yet been given on the availability dates of this option, but Samsung DeX could become, thanks to this option, an interesting alternative for mobile users who want to both develop and use their mobile as a desktop PC when they need it.

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