Logitech MX 5500, we've tested it

Logitech MX 5500 is the evolution of the MX 5000 keyboard and mouse kit, a set that has Bluetooth connectivity as its main feature.

At Xataka we have been testing this set from Logitech, and it has left us with a very good taste in our mouth, 90% thanks to the mouse that it incorporates, a brand new MX Revolution that has offered a joint performance that we had not seen before on any surface.

The price of the Logitech MX 5500 is high, around 170 euros, but the bluetooth and mouse connectivity are well worth it. Let's see it.

As we have said, the MX 5500 keyboard and mouse set consists of the MX Revolution mouse and a highly finished multimedia keyboard with screen. In the case of the mouse, we have a recharge base that is very comfortable and that saves us from changing batteries, while the keyboard does use AA batteries. Specifically 4 batteries, which seems exaggerated. In the kit by the way they are not included. With the price of the kit, four rechargeable batteries and a charger would have been an excellent complement that would have left us a perfect product.


The keyboard is the weakest part of the kit. This statement, which could be interpreted as negative, is not at all in view of the high level of the other element and bluetooth connectivity.

It is not a special model that has been added to the kit, but a keyboard that we cannot find separately. We could see it as a version of the Logitech G15, for that of the LCD screen that it incorporates. It is undoubtedly its most significant feature, along with the delicate touch palm rest and multimedia controls that we will take better advantage of if we use it with Windows Vista.

We pause to talk precisely about compatibility, which is advertised for both Mac and Windows, but which acquires real utility in Windows, since most of the controls it incorporates, in addition to the software, only work with Windows.

The keyboard is comfortable to use, but the travel and hardness of the keys have seemed excessive. We miss more comfort in the style of keyboards similar to notebooks. Of course, some keys have been achieved whose operation is absolutely silent and hypnotic. Also noteworthy is the palm rest of the keyboard, with a very pleasant touch, nothing of the usual smooth plastic. What we did not like is that it cannot be removed, but come on, it does not bother at all.

The MX5500 keyboard includes the usual multimedia volume control keys, player, and new direct controls for services such as Flip3D, Vista gadgets or the photo gallery and the Media Center.

We now go to the screen, which personally I do not like, more than anything because I do not usually give it utility. Logitech allows us to use it to control the multimedia aspects, the time, temperature and even the notifications of new emails. We can configure everything with the included software. It also lets us review the shortcuts we've given to the keyboard function keys.

As a last hit to the keyboard, we must say that we would have liked some type of ergonomic appearance of other Logitech models, such as the Wave. Despite everything, it is a good element.

The mouse

If we had to give a note to the mouse that is included in this MX5500 kit, we would surely opt for a 9.7 out of 10. The MX Revolution, with its charger base and bluetooth and laser technology is the best mouse we have ever tried.

To the spectacular design in favor of comfort (unless you are left-handed, then forget it), the scroll wheel is joined with two modes (fast and precise) that we can change by just clicking on it. The other wheel, next to the thumb of your right hand, activates Windows Vista Flip3D mode. We also find a direct search button and forward and backward. We can customize all of them with the software.

The mouse can be connected or disconnected thanks to a control on its base, and we do not have to worry about changing batteries. It incorporates a battery that automatically recharges when we place the mouse on its base. You have to remember, yes, to place it in it every so often. To help us know when and never to run out of power, we have a four-level indicator light.

By using bluetooth technology, we can manage the computer as a Media Center without worrying about the distance we are at.

To improve

In addition to the key travel, although this is more personal, we do not understand how they have not reduced the bluetooth receiver a bit. Perhaps they do not reach the minimum size of the VX nano model, but despite the fact that it is a kit to use with a desktop computer and once the receiver is placed it does not hinder, we would like to see in a future review a slightly smaller size.

We would also have liked that the receiver could be stored in the mouse in a similar way to other models, because in case we want to use the MX Revolution in mobility, it is easy to lose the receiver.

As we have already said, a rechargeable keyboard batteries (we can always place them ourselves) would have been an excellent addition.

Xataka's opinion

To finish we want to leave you with our conclusion after having tried this Logitech MX5500 kit. Would we recommend it? It depends.

The strengths of this Logitech suite are the use of Bluetooth technology and the MX Revolution mouse. The keyboard, very good too, is less impressive. Therefore, if you have to buy a complete set, it is perhaps one of the best, if not the best, option on the market, especially thanks to the MX mouse, which only costs 100 euros. Add a multimedia keyboard by bluetooth with LCD screen and you will see how it is not at the end a price so high that of the set.

However, if you already have a keyboard with which you work well, we think it is a better option to buy the MX Revolution mouse separately (pity that it is not bluetooth) and wait for the brand to launch the Logitech Wave wireless. Then we will have an irresistible set.

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