E-books win the battle against games on the iPhone

Many of you had already let us know in the comments on the special about the Electronic Book: I use my iPhone as an electronic book reader. And the statistics associated with Apple's online store prove you right. And it is that if Amazon itself has an application to buy and download books from its store on the Apple phone, good business is there.

The consulting company Flurry offers some data to think very seriously (if you have not already done so) about the Apple iPhone (and the phone in general) as an electronic book reader device, although we know that they are not the best solution for not use electronic ink but screens, which causes eyestrain. According to Flurry, in October, one in five new applications released for the iPhone was a book. And they already surpass games, hen of loos golden eggs of applications in the AppStore.

We cannot compare data from traditional applications or games directly with books, but we can put figures to an interesting trend and that it goes much further. With the expected improvement of the screens of these teams, their tactile functionalities and absolute connectivity, which become a reading center is not something that seems very distant.

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