The new HTC terminals will be upgradable to Windows Mobile 6.5

During the presentation of Windows Mobile 6.5, something that we had already hinted at in the morning was confirmed: that some of the terminals would be upgradeable. Specifically, the new models of HTC they will be.

It was announced during the same press conference on CEO of HTC, stating that the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and the HTC Touch Pro 2 can be upgraded to Windows Mobile 6.5 when it is available.

The update will be free and will allow users to enjoy the benefits of this new operating system. What will have to be seen is how the novelties of Windows Mobile 6.5 are combined with the TouchFlo3D interface that it offers HTC on their phones.

And it is that the latter is designed to facilitate the use of the terminal with your fingers, one of the maxims of the new version of the operating system, so they will have to combine both so that they do not step on each other. Anyway, it seems that you still have time to think about how to do it, since we don't wait for Windows Mobile 6.5 until the end of the year.

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