Motorola Dext prices with Movistar

Like practically all smartphones that are appearing in the market, the Motorola DEXT will be distributed along with a data rate, which allows to take full advantage of its connectivity and continuous access to the network. As we already knew, Movistar will be the operator that will distribute it.

And now we know what their prices will be when it is put on sale, which will happen from next November 5. The minimum consumption will be 9 euros for voice and 10 euros for Intrnet and, with those monthly payments, the Motorola DEXT will cost 169 euros with portability and 219 euros with a new registration, in addition to a 24-month stay.

It will have a more reasonable price if we buy it with a consumption of 20 euros of voice and 10 euros of data, costing 69 euros and 129 euros respectively. If we want the terminal to cost us nothing, we must opt ​​for a consumption of 90 euros of voice and 16 euros of the Internet or 40 euros of voice and 25 euros of the Internet, all of them equally with 24 months of permanence.

We see, therefore, how the Motorola DEXT prices are out of the reach of many users, since apart from being high they imply quite high monthly consumption. Of course, it is not the best way for Motorola to regain that old leadership that it had long ago.

More information | Telefónica.

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