Rumors about the iPhone nano return to the fore

The rumors about an iPhone nano are nothing new, as they have been emerging regularly, something that happens now with alleged leaks from one of the Taiwanese manufacturers who would be in charge of its production.

This iPhone nano would come with a 2.8-inch screen and with compatibility with various telephone services, both UMTS how CDMA, opening the spectrum of operators with which this model could be offered. Specifically with an eye on Verizon in the United States, which has a network CDMA.

This launch would coincide with the end of the exclusive AT&T has in the United States in the summer of next year, which would allow Apple to offer its terminal to more operators. Its reduced dimensions would make the price lower than that of the current generation.

This cheaper iPhone nano would be in line with the reduction in prices that the manufacturer has been making in its laptops and desktop computers, which are becoming increasingly affordable, although almost always staying above other manufacturers. Will the rumors be true this time?

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