Madrid moves to the coronavirus and suspends all educational activity: schools, institutes and universities close

After this weekend, Madrid has seen the number of coronavirus cases and associated deaths double.To face the epidemic, Isabel Ayuso has just announced the suspension of all educational activity in the Community from Wednesday, March 11. In this way, Madrid joins the Basque Government, which had already decreed the closure of all schools in Vitoria for the next 14 days.

It is not accidental. All these initiatives are part of a national set of measures that the Minister of Health announced this afternoon. Salvador Illa acknowledged at a press conference that "the data indicates a change for the worse in the evolution of the disease in Spain". On Sunday afternoon, March 8, "there was a significant increase in cases, especially in the Community of Madrid" and that requires new measures.

"The situation has changed"

Salvador Illa

The first of these is the change of scenery at the national level. "Reinforced containment" is called the new situation and, together with this change, the Ministry has declared the Community of Madrid, Vitoria and Labastida as "significant or high transmission areas". The declaration of "significant or high transmission zone" automatically entails the suppression of all educational activity in colleges, institutes and universities.

In addition to educational measures, the Ministry has announced a battery of voluntary measures that affect the workplace, such as the commitment to telework, flexibility of schedules and, as far as possible, avoid unnecessary trips. Although not mandatory, the communities will articulate initiatives to favor these alternatives.

Before finishing the press conference, Illa has announced new measures for tomorrow. Meanwhile, various institutions across the country are taking initiatives to prepare for the peak of the virus. For example, the Príncipe de Asturias University Hospital in Alcalá de Henares has suspended all scheduled operations because of the number of cases of the hospitalized virus that it has accumulated in recent days.

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