MagiTact, controlling the mobile without even touching it

It is clear that for a couple of years touch technology has been the boss, especially on mobiles, where we have gone from controlling its functions with physical buttons to doing it using multi-touch screens, one of the main current claims of companies.

The next step may have something to do with this interesting application that they have been developing since Deutsche Telecom, which they have called MagiTact, which promises to allow us to control our mobile devices without even having to touch them.

To do this, they use the compass integrated in some mobiles (the iPhone for example), tracking changes in the magnetic field around the device when we make gestures around it. For this, yes, we will have to put a kind of magnetic rings on the fingers.

With this system we could, for example, silence the mobile phone or pick up a call simply by passing our hand in front of the pocket where we have the phone, among many other options.

According to Hamed Ketabdar, one of those responsible for this system:

The current methods of interaction are restricted by the physical limits of the device. " Given the modest proportions of today's smartphones, interactions can be a bit convoluted. The idea is to develop a way to interact with mobile devices through more natural human gestures.

The idea is certainly not bad, but it has an important handicap, having to put an accessory on your fingers I do not see very practical the truth. But who knows, just like in the future we have them implanted to interact with all our favorite gadgets. As you see?

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