Cheaper Impossible: New Nokia C series with bicycle charger

Nokia is still where it is in the world of mobile telephony because, whether we like it or not, the smartphone market is still small compared to the millions of more basic terminals that ordinary people need. And there Nokia has always had to win because of its high presence in the operator's catalogs and its wide range of terminals, almost one for each user.

The new Nokia C series, with the Nokia C1 and C2 at the helm, are one more example of this. A simple mobile phone with prices between 30 and 45 euros. Cheaper and with those benefits, almost mission impossible.

Nokia C1 and C2, for emerging markets

Nokia has chosen the city of Nairobi to present its new Nokia C1 and C2 to the world. The name has to give you a clue of what to expect from these terminals. For example, the Nokia C2 has a dual SIM slot.

One of the strengths of the Nokia C1 is its battery, which lasts up to six weeks in standby mode, a record for the Finnish company. Not lacking among its specifications is the flashlight mode or the FM radio.

As for the Nokia C2, its dual card slot SIM is what it adds to its data sheet with respect to the C1. One of the cards goes under the battery, but the second card can be removed and warm-up without problems.

A bicycle charger, great idea

The most interesting touch of the Nokia presentation has been the mobile charger to place on bicycles. For emerging countries it is a great idea as an alternative to access to electricity in a common way.

The equipment consists of a charger that is placed on the handlebar of the bicycle and a dynamo that generates the electrical energy from our pedaling.

Nokia C series, prices and availability

We will be able to buy the new Nokia C series for between 30 and 45 euros free, although it is normal for operators to pick them up in their basic ranges at the most affordable rates.

Regarding availability, the Nokia C1 will be released in the third quarter of the year, while the Nokia C2 will do so already in the last four months of 2010.

More information | Nokia.

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