More information about the screen of the LG Chocolate BL40

Follow LG's strategy of revealing dropper information from its next terminal, the LG BL40, which is the new reincarnation of the Chocolate range. As we already knew, its screen will be its main asset and now we know more about it.

We are talking about a screen with a size of 4 inches and a 21: 9 format, which is used for many movies in the cinema, which implies that we will have a resolution of 800 × 345 pixels on it and the possibility of watching videos in extra-panoramic format.

Being so wide offers you the possibility of working as if it had two screens, thanks to an interface Dual Screen with which we can view two types of content at the same time. I am imagining being browsing and being able to open the music player, having both applications at the same time on the screen.

For the rest, the LG Chocolate BL40 still maintains a design that is very reminiscent of the original, with a black finish and a few touches of red, but I keep saying that until we have it in our hands, or rather, in our pockets, we will not be able to appreciate if this long design will be comfortable for the user.

The phone will be available before the end of summer in 54 countries.

More information | LG.

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