Meizu Zero is the mobile that passes the cables: it does not have a headphone jack and neither does it have a SIM slot or a charging port [Updated]

Some of us complain about how the disappearance of the headphone jack in many smartphones is a great tragedy in the mobility segment, but some people want to go further when it comes to eliminating the ports of these devices.

This is the Chinese manufacturer Meizu that has announced a new phone called Meizu Zero. That name will not even paint it, because if this smartphone is characterized by something it is due to its absence of ports: neither headphones, nor SIM slot, nor charging port.

The mobile without connection ports

It doesn't even have a speaker grille, and in fact it doesn't have volume or power buttons either. In that ceramic body unibody 7.8 mm thick the only thing that is out of the ordinary are its cameras (12-megapixel rear, 20 front) and two small holes: one for the microphone, and another in case we need to make a hard reset.

To supplant all these elements, Meizu is especially committed to wireless technology: this smartphone has Bluetooth 5.0 and wireless USB connectivity that, according to the manufacturer, is capable of transferring data at the same speed as the USB 3.0 standard.

The 5.99-inch OLED screen with QHD resolution (2540x1440) also has the peculiarity of serving as a substitute for speakers thanks to mSound 2.0 technology, and in it we also find a fingerprint reader integrated into the screen.

The SIM slot disappears in favor of the embedded SIM (eSIM), and inside we find a Snapdragon 845, although there is currently no data on memory or storage. Wireless charging (18 W of power) eliminates the aforementioned charging port, and instead of physical buttons we have areas of the edges with pressure sensors and haptic response (mEngine 2.0) that emulate the benefits of the buttons of a lifetime .

The Meizu Zero is also waterproof thanks to its IP68 certification, and what we do not know is its price: the manufacturer will launch it in China and in conjunction with operators that support eSIM technology.

Update (03/03/2019): the Indiegogo campaign did not reach its objective, and now the Meizu CEO Jack Wong has indicated that this was nothing more than "an advertising montage of his marketing department".

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