The best Black Friday deals on Huawei: Mate 20 Pro, Honor 10, P20 Lite, Watch 2 and laptop sales

Tomorrow is the big day, tomorrow is Black Friday. After a week full of more or less interesting offers and some bargains in the form of game consoles or televisions with great discounts, it will be during Friday when the greatest offers are expected in general, and of course also in technology. One of those brands that we've seen good deals from is Huawei. The Chinese firm stands out especially for its catalog of smartphones, varied in terms of ranges and price. However, we have also seen some discounts on smartwatches and laptops. These are the best Black Friday 2018 offers on Huawei.

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Huawei Mate 20 Pro

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro is for many, the phone of the year. At first glance it attracts attention for its triple lens, a novel combination that makes its hybrid zoom possible, a great tool for those who love photography. However, during the day to day one of the things that most fascinated us in our analysis was its supreme autonomy.

To this we must add an attractive and elegant design, which denotes that we are dealing with a premium phone. It is large (6.3-inch AMOLED screen), but comfortable in hand and with good finishes. Its screen performs on any occasion and its performance is magnificent thanks to the in-house processor, the Kyrin 980 and its powerful hardware configuration.

However, it still has aspects to improve, such as Huawei's EMUI customization layer or the manageability of the camera application. This Black Friday the best deals on the Mate 20 Pro are found on eBay, where we can buy it for 759.99 euros from a seller located in France with more than 10,000 transactions. If we come to Spain, we will have to pay 900 euros to this seller with 1,000 transactions.

Huawei P20 Pro

However, the Mate 20 Pro is not the only Huawei triple camera phone that we can find on sale during this Black Friday 2018. With half a year on the market, the Huawei P20 Pro had already suffered good price cuts in recent times. , but now stands at 575 euros in Tuimeilibre, it is the 128 GB black version.

The P20 Pro marks the lines followed by the Mate 20 Pro in both its strengths and weaknesses. Thus, its autonomy exceeds the day for most users and its triple camera allows hybrid zoom, but the multitude of options provided by your application can become complex. It has a design that makes good use of its dimensions and that is not heavy despite its size.

Although it mounts the second most powerful processor from the Chinese firm (the one from the previous year), its 6 GB of RAM make the performance as a whole very good for the intensive use given during our analysis.

The EMUI coating remains aggressive on aesthetic levels, resulting in something heavy and stiff. Likewise, the ambitious project in the form of a triple camera with an application has a lot of potential, but also considerable room for improvement.

Huawei P20 Lite

But Huawei also sets trends in the mid-range, where the Huawei P20 Lite stands as a great alternative. This model can be found for 239 euros at PcComponentes, it is the 64 GB model in black.

The Huawei P20 Lite is one of the best sellers of the Chinese firm for its balance between the features offered at a very round price that is now even more so. Among its strengths, the very successful dual camera, good sound, fast charge and NFC.

At first glance we are facing a terminal with a beautiful and attractive design that respects the shapes of its older brothers, yes, replacing the OLED with 5.84-inch IPS LCD. Inside, a 600 series Kyrin with 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, enough for the average user.

However, the battery is somewhat tighter than the higher end and the glass of the case is very attractive but a magnet for fingerprints and scratches.

Honor 10

Of the Honor 10 they say in our analysis that it is a mid-range with a high-end essence. However, it combines a panel like that of the P20 Lite with some of the hardware of the P20, such as its processor and the possibility of going up to 6 GB of RAM.

Precisely of this phone we highlight the performance and design, and it is that Huawei-Honor seems to have caught the point to that compact and attractive aesthetic that feels so comfortable in the hand as well as takes advantage of its dimensions. It is light, handy and we only need one hand to manipulate it.

In the debt of this terminal, its autonomy is quite fair and can become hot under intensive use. Its fingerprint reader and video recording quality are also upgradeable.

The Honor 10 can be purchased for 320 euros (the global version of 128 GB in blue) or for 299 euros on Amazon, the 64 GB version.

Huawei Watch 2

The Huawei Watch 2 smartwatch is almost half the price on Amazon (199.99 euros). It is a watch with GPS and Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity, as well as an ambient light sensor and a heart rate sensor, making this model a very complete and accurate smartwatch. You don't need to have a Huawei smartphone, as it is compatible with Android and iOS.

This model dates from 2017 and according to our analysis it stands out for its sporty essence and great autonomy. In our experience, the screen becomes smaller than we would like and mobile connectivity sometimes fails.

Huawei Matebook X

As for laptops, we also find two very interesting discounted models. The first is the Huawei Matebook X, available for 899 euros on Amazon.

We tested this ultrabook in early 2018 and we especially liked how light it is and its design, very clean and manageable. Altogether, it is a great team to work in mobility both for these characteristics and for the configuration of its hardware.

Although of course, its minimal thickness means that it has a smaller battery that limits it in this regard.

It also stands out for its large 13.3-inch screen with 2K resolution that takes advantage of the edges and for delivering very good sound, which makes it a great team for multimedia consumption.

Finally, there are some fair ports, since we only found USB-C and not Thunderbolt 3. Another of our points to improve was its price, something that this Black Friday has minimized.

Huawei Matebook D

If you are looking for something more affordable, the Huawei Matebook D 2018 in Media Markt is for 666 euros. Very good price for a team with a very elegant aluminum design and a somewhat borderless screen somewhat larger than the previous model, reaching 15.6 inches in a more modest resolution, that of Full HD.

However, it is a powerful laptop: 1.8 GHz i7-8550U processor with Turbo Boost up to 3.7 GHz, 8 GB of RAM and a 256 GB solid hard drive and the basic graphics Nvidia GeForce MX150. A highly recommended laptop to spend hours in front of the screen working with comfort and productivity.

If you are looking for a more powerful model within the Huawei Matebooks, the Huawei Matebook X is on sale at Amazon: 899 euros, a powerful and lightweight ultrabook with 2K resolution.

Other Huawei devices on sale during Black Friday

  • The Huawei P Smart of 32 GB for 144 euros in PcComponentes, the same offer as in Worten and Media Markt. Read his review here.

  • Honor 8X 64 GB in black and dual sim for 199.99 euros on eBay, with shipping from Germany. Read our first impressions here

  • Honor 9 Lite for 149 euros in Media Markt, Phone House and FNAC. Read his review here.

  • Huawei B525 Wi-Fi router for 119 euros on Amazon. Dual band 4G LTE Wi-Fi router with MIMO technology.

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