Mobile instant messaging

Despite the fact that many of the mobile terminals on the market include support for instant messaging, their use in Spain is not widespread, either because of the low interest of telephone operators in lowering prices, or because we find it of little use.

The only movement that has been made so far in our country was by Microsoft and Amena, who reached an agreement at the beginning of the year with which to promote the use of MSN Messenger by mobile users of said company. Actually, only those who have a Motorola MPX200 can do it, which you can see in the image above. However, the offer was 99 euros per month (with 100 in calls), which is a bit expensive for a normal user.

And now I think they are already late. In the absence of WiFi coverage throughout the Spanish territory, mobile phones with Skype are already beginning to emerge. And, who wants to write while being able to speak, and what's more, free?

More information | Blogtelecom and HispaMP3.

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