The Sodium Chlorite Lies Against Justice: The Prosecutor's Office Investigates A Huge Plot Against Public Health On The Internet

Today, the State Attorney General's Office has announced that it is investigating a plot against public health for the sale of sodium chlorite on the Internet. According to sources in the newspaper El País, characters such as Josep Pàmies and Andreas Kalcker, two of the best-known defenders of pseudosciences in Spain, are among those investigated.

In the absence of more details, it seems that we are facing the largest investigation against pseudoscience carried out by the Prosecutor's Office to date. But also one more piece of the Government's plan to fight against pseudosciences that, with the electoral advance, remains in the air.

Miraculous Mineral Supplement: the only miracle is that they continue to sell it

What is sodium chlorite? In principle, sodium dioxide is a gas used mainly in the manufacture of paper as a bleach. 'Chlorite' is the term used to refer to the ions of this gas that are formed when diluted in water. In recent years, many pseudoscientific gurus have promoted this product diluted in distilled water (marketed, especially, as MMS or 'Miracle Mineral Supplement') as a cure for all kinds of diseases ranging from AIDS to cancer to autism.

Works? No, of course not. As they explained from the General Secretariat of Health and Consumption, sodium chlorite "was withdrawn from the market in 2010 by order of the Spanish Medicines Agency", presenting "supposed healing properties that are totally lacking in scientific basis".

Moreover, according to the Agency, the problems of the MMS and "put the health of consumers at risk, as evidenced by the numerous cases of adverse reactions, some of them serious, in patients who have consumed the product."

The sereno's whistle. However, despite the ban, the Ministry of Health detected that “currently there are various websites through which the use of this product is being advertised, facilitating and promoting” and on November 24, 2018, it filed a complaint to the prosecution (along with a detailed list of websites from which these practices are allegedly being carried out).

Ongoing investigation Given the complaint, the Prosecutor's Office moved a file and put the Central Unit for Computer Crime and the Civil Guard to investigate whether what they had in front of them was a plot against public health. And, from what they say in their statement today, it seems that they believe yes: "as it appeared in the initial complaint, it has been possible to verify the effective advertising and intermediation activity through the network, in different media and forms ”Of the sodium chlorite.

This is being carried out "through a diversity of content" that "extols the supposed advantages of using this product in order to cure certain pathologies, others report on the protocols for its use and even, in other cases , the substance is offered directly for sale ”, explains the prosecution.

This is just the beginning of what can be a good precedent. If the prosecution completes the investigation and the courts condemn these alleged plots against public health, a new era could open in the relationship between justice and health. Relationships that have traditionally been complicated.

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