Meta Watch becomes independent from Fossil

Jewelery and watch company Fossil washes its hands and ends the rumors surrounding the Meta Watch project, which seemed delayed. Texans have decided to separate the business into a new company that responds to the device's name, Meta Watch.

Interesting to see who is behind the new company, the group of investors is led by Juha Pinomaa, a former Nokia executive, who has also taken all the industrial / intellectual property that Fossil had developed.

Accompanying Pinomaa are the managers of Fossil's technology division, Bill Geiser and David Rosales, which shows that the creators of the idea are still interested in Meta Watch.

For those who are a little lost, the project wants to bring to the market some watches that communicate with our Smartphone, receiving notifications, something that is not new, and I am sure that we will see them often in the coming months, but this time we have assured the quality that Fossil can provide in watches.

The dates are expected to be met and the clocks appear at the end of the month, with prices starting at $ 200.

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