myAlares Personal Assistant, mobile with added services

The service My Personal Assistant Alares It combines a mobile phone with the possibility of carrying out a multitude of personal procedures, consulting experts or alerting to emergencies. It is especially focused on older people, using a terminal with large keys that are easy to press.

It includes three buttons with shortcuts, which allow us to carry out the different services included in the service, among which we can find purchases and gift deliveries, take the car to the workshop, administrative procedures, ...

In addition, we have telephone consultations with doctors, psychologists, dietitians, ... and telephone assistance in computing in our home, for example, to find out how to configure mail, and technology, such as how an recorder works. DVD.

Service My Personal Assistant Alares It has an initial cost of 50 euros, which includes the mobile, and a monthly fee of 9 euros, with a 12-month stay. The price of calls is 13 cents per minute for any national mobile and landline, plus 12 cents of establishment.

For older people, the most useful may be the emergency button, with which you can notify family members, and which includes the location of the terminal, to know where it is located at that time.

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