Microsoft is ready to share: what we can expect from today's event

Today is April 12, and the event that Microsoft announced for this day is on the agenda of Xataka. So this afternoon, from seven in the afternoon, we will be telling you everything that happens in San Francisco through our Twitter channel. Later, if there are news, we will inform you of them in Xataka.

Will Microsoft present today be important? With the idea of ​​sharing that they have left glimpse In the media invitation, there is plenty to choose from. From what we have learned, the Pink project could be the highlight of this meeting, but with Windows Phone 7 Series so far, it is strange. It could also be a simple update of the Zune HD and its international launch or if you want a real time bomb, the presentation of Courier. That we would like.

Project Pink, less than expected from Microsoft's phone

Microsoft's phone has been on everyone's lips forever. But they have never been more than rumors. With its operating system in other terminals it seemed more than enough, but it is being seen that it is not.

The Pink Project is the brand's commitment to bringing Google Nexus One-style terminals to the market. The two models for which information is known are the Microsoft Turtle, which is slightly reminiscent of the Palm Pre, although with more rounded shapes, and the other, the Microsoft Pure, which would have a side sliding keyboard.

Sharp is the most likely manufacturer of these phones that would hit the market with a very clear social approach for the youngest.

If these conditions are finally met, Microsoft will have erred with its first phones. On the dates that we are the most they can is to present them and put them on sale at Christmas, when Windows Phone 7 Series arrives. That operating system, with a clear influence on the software of the Zune players, is indeed prepared for the social era and there would be no point in taking out a phone without it when there are months left for its release.

Furthermore, the profile of these phones is far from what advanced users would be expecting.

Zune HD revamped and a necessary worldwide release

The most reasonable but most disappointing option for the Microsoft event this afternoon would be the Zune HD. The best that could happen is that the current model was renewed and the moment was taken to announce a model of more capacity and the worldwide availability of this long-awaited device.

Microsoft can't let more time go by without letting the Zune experience leap across US borders for one simple but key reason for its future: Windows Phone 7 Series.

Microsoft's Zune HD player is a good way to publicize the user experience that consumers will find when the first Windows Phone arrives, and an easy way to test how its associated services work in the rest of the world.

Since the event this afternoon has as keywords share, and the Zune HD boasts that functionality, a new international Zune HD would be the most logical.

Courier, a quick but unlikely reaction

The surprise of the afternoon and a huge bomb would be the official presentation of the expected Courier. If it happened, a good part of the iPad effect would be offset by failing to see what this advanced digital book from Microsoft really offers us.

Logic makes us be cautious and practically discard that option, due to its early nature and because it needs a series of services around it that do not yet seem settled.

One possibility is that Microsoft officially teaches product development and leaves us with the illusion of seeing what we can have if we do not jump into the arms of options that are already on the market. It would be beautiful.

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