Microsoft boasts of its Windows Phone 7 Series but they will arrive without multitasking

Yesterday Microsoft's MIX2010 conference took place, and this year they had a lot to teach about their next big release, Windows Phone 7 Series. From the outset they presented the necessary platform for developers of Windows Phone 7 Series, which will be responsible for facilitating the creation and growth of the ecosystem of applications, games and other content for future phones with this operating system.

Talking about Xataka, We are left with two details: the application store and the almost confirmed new terminals, which meet the minimum conditions that will be required of the teams that want to carry the company's new mobile operating system.

Base Specifications for Future Windows Phone 7 Series

As they tell in Slashgear, in the conference MIX 2010 it was possible to know some more information about the technical characteristics that we should expect in future Windows Phones.

For starters, future Windows phones will enjoy capacitive screens with at least 800 × 480 pixels of resolution, that's what Microsoft intends. Phones will carry system A-GPS, accelerometer, digital compass and brightness and proximity sensor.

The multimedia part must be covered with a camera of at least 5 megapixels, with a flash and a physical button to take the photos, something that seems very successful to us. The memory RAM of the phones will be 256MB and up, with 8GB of flash memory.

The processor will start from an ARMv7 Cortex / Scorpion and the graphic part will have to work with DirectX 9. With these characteristics Microsoft seeks that the user experience with its successful interface in Windows Phone 7 Series is not threatened by inconsistent features.

A new Samsung terminal joins those of LG and Asus

In addition to the already revealed Windows Phone from Asus and LG, yesterday it was also known that Samsung could be the next brand to present a phone with Windows Phone 7 Series at launch.

The screen will be an important element of this Samsung phone, which is expected to be SuperAMOLED, as well as the camera, which is expected to be one of the best that can be found in a mobile terminal.

The app store will let us try before you buy

Another basis for Microsoft's presentation yesterday was the application store, called Windows Phone Marketplace. The appearance of the store completely follows what we already saw in Barcelona, ​​so we like it from the start.

What has caught the attention of this Windows Phone 7 Series application store the most is the possibility that there will be to test the applications before buying them, if the one we want to install on the phone is paid.

The operation is detailed in Xatakamóvil, and is based on a use license that expires in a certain time, as it usually happens on computers, so we will be using the full version of the application and we will be able to assess it properly before proceeding purchase.

Like other mobile application stores, we can see screenshots, scores and prices for each application, as well as being able to make different filters for them.

The payment methods will be varied, and once an application is purchased, we will no longer have to worry if we lose it and we want to reinstall it, since that purchase is associated with our Zune account. All that control that Microsoft intends for the application store puts us in the field of Apple, where we know that to install the applications on the phone we will have to go through their system and nothing else.

No to full multitasking

A not so pleasant surprise of the future Microsoft operating system is that multitasking as we understand it for example on Android, will not work for now. With the characteristics of the future Windows Phone so high, the battery has been the perfect excuse for Microsoft to affirm that non-basic applications of the system will not be able to run in the background, something similar to what happens with the Google phone.

Yes, you will have real-time notifications as well as basic services such as playing music or using the phone.

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