Microsoft is also preparing something for April 12: its phone is in the betting

Although we already knew something, we did not imagine that Microsoft would come out with such an early date to announce their Pink project. If you do not remember what we mean, keep in mind that the expected Microsoft Phone will be more similar to the terminals of this project than to the Zune players.

We can almost assure you of this, and the theme of the meeting that Microsoft has organized for April 12 thus make us think: it is time to share. The focus for young people is clear, and the images of the invitation themselves confirm this.

Thinking of other options than Microsoft's phones seems illogical: it is very soon for the expected Courier (although it would undoubtedly be an incredible blow and would lead us to an expected confrontation) and a lot of stir for a simple Zune with more capacity or slightly renewed . Next week we will leave doubts.

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