Mobber, instant messaging open on mobile

Instant messaging programs are considered as one of the most interesting uses for mobile phones in the short and medium term. Although there are already implementations of several of them, some of the Jabber protocol was missing. The difference of this with respect to the most popular MSN Messenger or Yahoo Messenger is that it is an open protocol, which means that anyone can make an implementation compatible with it and that its specifications are not the property of any company. In personal computers there are many instant messaging clients that support Jabber, such as Gaim or Trillian, but observing how the possibilities of the latest generation telephones advance, an implementation of the same was becoming necessary for these supports. And that's where it appears Mobber. Mobber it is therefore an instant messaging software based on Jabber, implemented in Java and for mobile GPRS. At the moment we find it in Polish, English, Portuguese and Italian, but its authors assure that it is very easily translatable into other languages. Does anyone cheer up with Spanish?

More information on Mobber and Jabber.

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