Mobile M300, the mobile watch-phone

The clocks-phones that we had seen so far were either too bulky or were merely accessories to our usual mobile phone that communicate with it via Bluetooth. The Watch Phone M300 is a mobile on our wrist in all its fullness.

It is a quad-band phone with a 1-inch OLED screen and 60 MB of internal memory. Its Bluetooth connectivity will allow us to listen to music through wireless headphones (included in the pack) or use these to talk. In case we do not have some, it has an integrated microphone and speaker, although I would not expect much quality from them.

In the absence of knowing the autonomy of the watch, the only downside is that we will not be able to send SMS with it, only receive it. Its price is $ 305.

UPDATE: As McLarenX reminds us, we recently saw the SMS Technology M500 which is also a watch-phone similar to the M300.

More information | Brando.

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