Mobile World Congress 2010, what are we waiting for

Next Monday, February 15, the Mobile World Congress 2010, which is held for the fourth consecutive year in Barcelona and we will be there to discover the latest news in the world of telecommunications.To get an idea of ​​the magnitude of the event, more than 1,300 companies in the sector will be present; attendance figures are also remarkable, since last year more than 47,000 visitors passed through the facilities.

At the fair we can find representatives from the entire telecommunications industry, starting with manufacturers of phones, accessories and components, going through the necessary operators, and ending with developers of software from all platforms. We are going to tell you what is cooked before the event, since at this point I consider it necessary to organize a bit of the information that is emerging, and that is that the rumor machine is at full capacity:

Nokia, the great absent

This year there is an important factor to consider, Nokia will not be present at MWC, the leading mobile phone manufacturer has decided to mount a side event, but that does not imply that we are not going to inform about it, in fact the first, unconfirmed leaks of their projects are already appearing:

  • The new one series C, of affordable phones, of which it has been possible to see the Nokia C5, a fairly conventional phone with the S60 operating system, which is expected to appear in June for less than 150 euros. They will accompany you on Nokia C3, the first Nokia terminal with QWERTY keyboard and S40 operating system, and another BlackBerry-style phone based on the C5.

  • Another phone that has been talking for a long time, and there are possibilities that it is a reality is the Nokia N87 12MP, which has been called lately. Nokia N8, which would be launching before the summer and would release Symbian ^ 3 as an operating system. Some specifications that are considered are a 3.5-inch capacitive screen, video recording in 720p format, HDMI output, and a 12MP camera.

To finish, I would like to comment a little the nomenclature that the new Nokia terminals are expected to follow, again without confirmation:

  • First we find the X series, which we already know with examples such as the Nokia X6, phones with modern design and multimedia capabilities, and then we have the series E, aimed at business customers.
  • One step ahead will be the survivor They laugh, and another above, the S series, intended for the most special telephones.
  • The series CAs we have commented, it would be dedicated to the cheapest phones.

Microsoft, everyone expects Windows Mobile 7

It is an open secret that Steve Ballmer is going to present Windows Mobile 7 to us, but as always before a news of this magnitude a thousand rumors arise around him, the first is that there will be two systems coexisting:

  • one destined for the market in which Microsoft is normally found, with the tagline business edition, based on Windows Mobile 6.5.x.
  • another more oriented to the multimedia world baptized as media edition, similar to what iPhone offers but with the path marked by Zune. This would explain the information that has been raining in recent days on a Windows Mobile without multitasking possibilities.

The second and most interesting rumor is that it is presented together with the one expected by many "zunephones", which would make use of the aforementioned multimedia version. Even possible final specifications have been discussed, including the platform Nvidia Tegra, AMOLED screen, and some kind of connection with Xbox Live.

It is a bit risky to get it right with so much rumor, but I think most of them look to be fulfilled, especially the presentation of Windows Mobile 7, if not, I think they would lose too much media ground compared to the rest of the operating systems.

Samsung bets on bada and its Super AMOLED screens

From the screens Super AM-OLED We have already spoken in Xataka, they represent the next step in this precious technology, they are characterized by containing the touch layer on the same screen, and they are 5 times brighter than current ones. The next thing to look forward to is the first phone with the bada operating system, and by the way to see it working.

The terminal that everyone points to that will have the honors of launching the platform is the Samsung S8200, which in turn will also make use of the new Super AM-OLED screens, with a size of 3.3 inches and the excellent resolution of 800x480 pixels. .

I am looking forward to seeing that it is capable of making the largest consumer electronics company with bada, it seems that Koreans are really left over to offer an all-in-one: operating system, hardware and an entire ecosystem of services and applications. Best of all, they claim that all of this will be at a fairly affordable price.

Android, an arsenal of phones

Let's remember that last year the sensation of the MWC was the presentation of the HTC Magic, this year is going to be the explosion of Android, and almost all companies have a terminal with the Google operating system in their ranks, with HTC and Motorola as the main exponents.

By HTC we will meet Bravo, Supersonic and Legend, while Motorola It will have a good roster, with Devour, BackFlip and Zeppelin, even rumored that Motoroi and MotoSplit will also appear at the fair.

Talking about Sony Ericsson We will see the already presented Xperia X10, and logically Google will open the doors of Europe to its Nexus One. Other companies with Android terminals at the fair will be Huawei, Garmin and Acer.

Recall that for developers, Google has prepared a session of Android Developer Lab to present their development tools and respond to doubts and concerns, and incidentally encourage new members to come to the community.

Other companies that we must follow

We must not stop paying attention to what other companies will propose to us at MWC, in the first place I would highlight Intel and its intention to present a store of applications for Netbooks that have their Atom processors.

Another interesting news that has to do with the company of the processors is that it will be part of the Nokia event, we do not know with what intention, the same has to do with a 3G Booklet update, or perhaps a slightly crazy idea: that Nokia wants to use the Moorestown platform for a possible Maemo 5 phone.

I wouldn't take my eyes off either Qualcomm, successful with her chipsets used in most important telephones on the market, standing out above the rest Snapdragon. For this reason it will be important to follow them, they may give more details about Scorpion, its next development that will work at 1.5 GHz.

Another big one like LG He has not made his intentions very clear at the fair, first saying that he would not be there, after he would, but in a testimonial way, we will see his new developments, some of them already presented this week, LG GD880 Mini, LG GT350 or the new Cookie with 3G connectivity, the LG GS500.

We will also find at the fair Puma and its phone developed by Sagem, which will feature a solar panel on the back of the phone as a highlight. Finally, I would also like to comment that demonstrations with LTE networks will be held at the fair, by Kyocera and NTT Docomo.

Once the review is finished, I would like to know your opinion about it, what news do you expect to find at the fair?

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