Motorola a360, the future of the mobile is QWERTY

As we see in the image that accompanies the entry, the design of this Motorola a360 allows that when deploying it you can enjoy a QWERTY keyboard, that is, we have one key per letter. What should be an advantage from the start, for many users it becomes an ordeal due to the tiny size of the keys. And it is that among the manufacturers a race has been established to see who is capable of offering a QWERTY keyboard that does not give rise to a mammoth portable phone, but that does not require having Gollum's fingers to use it either. And Motorola with this Motorola a360, appeared at the beginning of Autumn in the United States, is no less. In addition to its keyboard, this model promises a large and high-quality screen (we are talking about 65,000 colors in a resolution of 176 x 220), good connectivity via Bluetooth and GPRS - being a usable tri-band phone in America, Japan and Europe - VGA camera with photos up to 640x480 pixels, MP3 support and even email.

Undoubtedly, an interesting proposal if you like QWERTY keyboards and require certain "professional" functionalities such as reading email through your mobile. Of course, a much more attractive design than that of the Blackberry.

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