Motorola Droid appears and disappears from the scene

Although Motorola has been quick to remove the page in question, the Motorola Droid is no longer a secret. For a few moments the official website of the device has been available to everyone and it was rare that someone did not catch it.

So we already have a clearer idea of ​​the technical characteristics of the Motorola Droid. Practically all were known but there are doubts that have been definitively cleared, such as that the processor will be 550 Mhz or that the browser will support HTML5.

Android, the operating system that will incorporate this terminal that goes on sale in principle with Verizon in USA, it will be its version 2.0, so if you hurry up it will be the first to hit the market with this novelty.

At Xatakamóvil | Motorola Droid appears on the official site.
Track | BGR.

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