Motorola Droid and Android 2.0. they want to stand up to the iPhone

The operators that at the moment cannot offer the iPhone in their catalog are putting all the meat on the grill for the Christmas campaign. And the protagonists will be Windows Mobile 6.5 on the one hand and Android 2.0. for the other.

We already know enough details about this new version of the Android operating system that is giving so much to talk about. Most of those that have come to light show improvements of known bugs from previous versions and new services demanded by users, such as native support for Facebook including contact synchronization.

The browser also undergoes improvements, with a new interface and more speed. We will have new widgets, including one to record and upload videos to YouTube, so it is expected that the new terminals will improve the photo and video camera.

The maps will support layers, the emails will be unified in a common inbox except for Gmail and there is a service called Car Home that includes driving assistance and that works through voice recognition, although we do not know for sure if it is part of a specific terminal or Android. The rest of the news and many more screenshots have them in Xatakamóvil.

The terminal on which Android 2.0 has been tested. is the expected Motorola Droid, which in USA will bring Verizon out. The video that we leave you below is of a campaign by the company, and it does not take more than a few seconds to know which terminal you are dealing with. What do you think:

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