Motorola DynaTAC, wireless! For millionaires with strong arms

We have had to wait ten years since Martin Cooper and Motorola We were surprised with the first call made with a mobile device, but we already have that miracle materialized in the form of a product. We talk about Motorola DynaTAC 8000X.

After fifteen years of development and an investment of more than one hundred million dollars, Motorola has achieved what many expected with a well-filled pocket and appreciation for technology: be connected wirelessly, from anywhere we have connectivity to the network.

We are not going to mess excessively with the technology used to work, but at least tell you that the name of the phone comes from the abbreviation of Dynamic Adaptive Total Area Coverage, and it is the first product that has passed the certification of the Federal Communications Commission in the United States, where it has been on sale since March 6. We will meet him in his presentation video:

Portability and autonomy for the first time on a personal phone

In addition to the analog connectivity technology used, one of the most important things we find in an advance of these characteristics is the autonomy that Motorola has achieved with it, including a battery in the body of the phone.

With it, we have had the possibility to carry out thirty minutes of conversation, and up to eight hours on standby. To fully recharge the battery we will need to connect it to the network for about ten hours.

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Speaking of taking it with us, the reduction in size and freedom compared to a vehicle unit is very important, but the buyer is required to have the arm in good shape: The Motorola Dynatac 8000X weighs 793 grams and it has complete dimensions of 33 x 4.45 x 8.9 centimeters. As you can see in the images, it is available in an elegant and technological white color.

LED display and special functions

Thanks to its built-in battery, we can talk half an hour without cables while weights with it

Another of the strong points of the phone we have on its screen, made with red LEDs that show us the numbers that we are dialing with the keyboard. We will be able to see if we are making a mistake when dialing, and start again, and Motorola engineers intuit that in the future they will be able to show us on the screen who is calling us.

Speaking of the keyboard, in addition to the numbers and dialing keys - which make up a group of twelve keys - we have a section for special functions, located below the main one. A review of the usefulness of each:

  • Rcl, for the redial
  • Clr, with which we can clean the screen
  • Snd, to dial the number
  • Sto, to store the number on screen in memory
  • End, to end calls
  • Fcn, function key
  • Pwr, or power key
  • Lock, to lock the phone keypad
  • Vol, allows us to adjust the volume

The storage key has its meaning in such an advanced device, since they have implemented a memory system in which we can register up to thirty of our contacts, in order not to have to memorize the numbers, or to pull an auxiliary agenda. We are sorry for those who have more friends on the account.

Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, price and availability

Motorola has put the product on sale in the United States at a price of $ 3,995We cannot advance the price or the operators that will have the necessary deployment to launch the product in Europe, but we will keep you informed. We can expect something like half a million pesetas, but they misbehave with the change.

There it is marketed with a price plan, which has a monthly rate of $ 50, to which we must add 40 cents a minute at peak times, down to 24 cents outside of them. We are sure that Telefónica It will bring it to your product catalog, so that managers and businessmen can enjoy their calls from the golf course or the beach.

To give you an idea of ​​the reception of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X, there are waiting lists with more than a thousand people registered, and it is estimated that 300,000 units will be sold in the first year of life.

In the purchase package, in addition to the phone and the battery, we have a portable charger and instructions to make the most of all the possibilities of the Motorola DynaTAC 8000X: call, be called, or register contacts.

Author's Note: This entry is part of our journey back in time to the 1980s in search of the purity of consumer electronics on the occasion of December 28.

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