Motorola Milestone, Android on a big screen

The Motorola Milestone is going to be one of the first terminals with Android 2.1. that arrives in Spain. We have already announced that March was the chosen month and that its free price would be 500 euros.

The Motorola Milestone has passed through our hands and the result has been quite satisfactory regardless of whether there is a wide range of equipment with better characteristics about to arrive, mainly from the hand of HTC.

Motorola Milestone, big screen and finish

Looking at the Motorola Milestone and not looking at its screen is impossible. We are facing a model with 3.7 inches of capacitive screen and multi-touch possibilities, although not yet highly developed. It is the main difference of this Milestone with the Droid that came out in USA.

The brightness and resolution (480 × 854 pixels) of the Milestone screen are very good, and it also helps the redesign and quality of the new icons of the latest version of Android.

Version 2.1 of this operating system that comes with the Motorola Milestone is the original. Motorola has not introduced any modification of the style of its Motoblur (that we can see in the other Android in Spain, the Dext) nor of the Sense of HTC. That's why sometimes we can miss some widgets that we have already become accustomed to finding in other terminals when it comes to customizing the Android home screens in Milestone.

If we talk about the response of the capacitive screen of the Motorola Milestone we find a good reaction to the use of the fingers even with the keyboard vertically, but it still has a little left to reach the levels of precision and fluidity of the Apple operating system in the iPhone, a benchmark when we measure this aspect on a touch phone.

The combination of a 600 Hz processor and the capacitive screen of this Milestone surpasses in performance and fluidity the current models on the market, but it will have rivals that bring improvements in both fields.

The finish of the Motorola Milestone is also remarkably high. It always gives us the feeling of a great phone. It is a trend that little by little they are adopting more terminals, which are beginning to forget about poor quality plastics.

From the design of the Motorola Milestone, in addition to the lack of fluidity in the sliding of the physical keyboard, we were left with doubts about the usefulness of the physical control that is included next to it, because today it asks us more to be an optical touchpad (which already we will see this year in many models with touch screen).

As for the touch controls on the phone when we have it closed, they have a very good response and are useful. By default, the keyboard lock comes from the side, and we find it more uncomfortable to slide your finger in that direction than to do it from top to bottom. In our case, we like the idea of ​​a physical screen lock such as the Nokia 5800 carries.

Physical keyboard in the shade of the touch

One of the attractions of the Motorola Milestone was its physical keyboard.Actually the American company has achieved a great design and little thickness to be the Motorola Milestone a phone with a large screen and sliding physical keyboard.

But the implementation of this important part of the Motorola Milestone is not up to what we expected. For starters, sliding the screen to expose the keyboard isn't as snappy as it should be. We have tried other sliding keyboards and Motorola has not worked well in that regard. Despite everything, the feeling of robustness of this maneuver is always present.

Once the physical keyboard is open, we find four rows of padded keys with an acceptable size. They are very comfortable to the touch, and the distribution, although it might seem otherwise because of how close together the keys are, allows us to type without practically making mistakes.

The negative point of the Milestone keyboard is found in its use. Having little key travel, we did not get a good typing speed, although this aspect is quite personal.

Be that as it may, in this terminal there is the curious paradox that the virtual keyboard provided by the Android 2.1 operating system gives us a better user experience than the physical one, although I personally like the combination of both data entry systems, especially if the result in the aspect of the design is correct, as it is the case of the Motorola Milestone with quite achieved thickness and weight.

Good multimedia possibilities

Although I do not like to use these types of phones as video and audio players, the performance and possibilities of the Motorola Milestone for it, it is there. It comes with a 3.5mm jack placed on the top of the phone, and suitable support for widely used audio and video formats on portable terminals.

We liked the 5 megapixel camera with LED flash too. As with most phones, if we don't try to take photos in poor light conditions, the result is acceptable. It improves the cameras of the Hero and Magic quite a bit, with special attention to the autofocus and the image stabilizer. Digital zoom is testimonial.

The Motorola Milestone has its strength in video recording, which can be DVD quality (720 × 480 pixels) at 24 fps and that gives us a lot of play. In the video analysis that we will publish tomorrow we will show you its possibilities.

In GPS navigation, where big screen phones have a lot to say, the Motorola Milestone does not yet incorporate Google's solution. We do have a Motorola application called Motonav that does its job without much fanfare.

Although it may not seem like it, the Milestone is a phone after all. And thanks to CrystalTalk technology, conversations are heard fairly clearly and at a high volume.

We have to talk about the battery, that Achilles heel of advanced phones. The Motorola Milestone is 1400 mAh, a capacity that would have been useful to expand as long as it had not meant a larger size or weight of the equipment.

Autonomy is maintained in that of other equipment with similar characteristics. It can last us a full day if we don't abuse calls. In our case, we have insisted on web browsing and push mail all day long, without abusing the Wi-Fi connectivity either, but it is an aspect that should improve because the screen is so bright and large and it is not AMOLED it shows in consumption.

Motorola Milestone, price and availability

The Motorola Milestone with Android 2.1. arrives in Spain in March with a price of 500 euros free. It is not yet known which operator will put it in its catalog, but more than one will get it.

In the pack that is sold in Spain of the Motorola Milestone we find a great surprise in the form of a multimedia base, which gives more value to the equipment as it allows us to use it as an alarm clock, digital photo frame and of course, equipment charger.

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