Motorola Milestone exclusively with Orange, interview with Óscar Rodríguez

Motorola is about to put on the Spanish market what we can consider the most important phone of the manufacturer in a long time, we are talking about the Motorola Milestone, which symbolizes its commitment to Android at the highest level.

In the middle of last month we knew that the Motorola Milestone would be among us in March, and that the price of the free terminal would be approximately 500 euros.But now, thanks to the interview that Óscar Rodríguez, General Director of Motorola Spain, has given us, we are in a position to confirm this information, and to present to you that Orange is the operator with which the telephone disembarks today in Spain.

It is best that we know this information and other details in scoop in the aforementioned interview:

The most awaited phone in our country by Motorola is the Milestone, it is scheduled to leave this March at a free price of 500 euros. Many people are interested in knowing this data to assess their purchase, or wait for several competitors that have been emerging in these months, we talk about the Nexus One and the new models of HTCCould you give us this information?

Milestone will be available on the free market at 499 euros from PVP Recommended in late March. On the other hand, we have also just announced the launch of Motorola Milestone through Orange. In this case, the terminal will be available from € 0, depending on the type of contract.

The agreement to include Milestone in the catalog of Orange Android terminals is very positive for both of them. For us, it is a fundamental ally in our Milestone launch strategy and will allow us to offer the terminal to the millions of Orange customers. In this sense, we are very excited about this agreement since the Motorola Milestone is a terminal that has generated a lot of expectation and is perfect for those users who want to enjoy a satisfactory and complete navigation and communication experience.

MILESTONE It comes preceded not only by great sales success, but also by prizes awarded by some very prestigious media such as Time magazine, which named it "Gadget of the Year 2009", surpassing other terminals with more time on the market.

… Time magazine named it “Gadget of the Year 2009”…

Speaking about the competition, we have had the opportunity to test the phone, and the differences with other alternatives in terms of quality are not very great, we would say that the price or the buyer's own taste will be determining factors, so we consider that sales They will be very even, how much does Motorola's future depend on the success of this mobile and how much do they expect to sell in Spain to consider it a success?

At Motorola we are sure that Milestone is a very complete Smartphone that is set to become a benchmark in the segment. At the software level, it is the first Android 2.1 to arrive in Spain, with the competitive advantage that this implies. And at the hardware level, I think that the design and features are very complete and cover all the needs of our users. Milestone combines a 3.7-inch multi-touch screen (larger than the other available Android terminals), with the keyboard QWERTY thinnest slider on the market.

All these characteristics have made MILESTONE Be a best seller in the US In just over a month, more than 1.6 million units have been sold, making it one of the best releases in recent years. And it has allowed Motorola to return to its rightful place at the forefront of the industry. For us MILESTONE It combines Motorola's long track record in design with the unique experience that Android offers the user.

… More than 1.6 million units have been sold, making it one of the best releases in recent years…

The device's advertising campaign in USA It has been very strong, it is true that it was held there with the operator Verizon and in our country we do not know possible operators that take over the services of the terminal. In view of the fact that relations with Movistar exist through the Motorola Dext, and that they do not have any high-end Android terminal, are you studying with them the possibility of including Milestone in their line of terminals? And with other operators?

Today we have announced that Orange will be the exclusive operator for the launch of Motorola Milestone. For us it is a fundamental agreement, which will help us to carry out a very innovative launch campaign focused on the user connected to the Internet.

The agreement with Orange will allow us to have a presence in one of its most representative and best positioned stores. The launch will also be supported with a pre-booking program through the online channel of Orange.

Returning to the aforementioned issue of advertising, we would like to know if you plan to make a special effort for the Motorola Milestone. And by extension, to the rest of the terminals what are you going to put in our market, we still do not know which ones are on such a wide list as Quench, Devour, Backflip, or Motoroi. Clear up these doubts a bit, if possible.

MILESTONE It will have an advertising campaign in various fields, especially on the Internet. Now is not the time to announce other news, but our plan is to expand our Android catalog in both the high ranges and the mass market.

Throughout this year we will launch new products that will cover the different segments of the Smartphone category and that will allow us to have a very competitive catalog that is attractive to different user profiles.

We would like to know the accessories that will accompany the MILESTONE in Spain, for example the multimedia station, and know if it will be available from the first day and the price it will have.

The multimedia base allows you to convert Milestone into a digital clock, multimedia player and alarm clock, with a movement as simple as connecting it to the base. In addition, it allows you to charge the terminal battery without having to use the usual charger. I think the advantage for the user is clear, especially for people who work all day long and who make heavy use of their Smartphone.

In Spain we have decided that the multimedia base is included at no additional cost in the packaging of each Milestone sold. In addition, users can purchase the car mount separately, which allows easy use of the functions of Gps and Milestone hands-free.

In Spain we have decided that the multimedia base is included at no additional cost in the packaging of each Milestone sold.

The first bet in Spain for a new Motorola with Android and Motoblur has been the Motorola Dext, is it meeting expectations? Could you provide us with sales figures?

Two years ago, Motorola decided to stop the production line to think about the future of the company and to completely renew our product line. The market was changing and we had to establish a change of course. Betting so heavily on Android was a risky decision but I think that over time it has become clear that it was a success. No one doubts the potential of Android to become the benchmark for mobile operating systems.

It is true that this waiting time placed us in a delicate position and that introducing such a novel product is always difficult. Even so, the terminal is following a positive progression line since its launch.

Returning to Motorola MILESTONE, What is the reason that it is not a "With Google" terminal in Europe ?, and if this may have consequences in the updates regarding the American Motorola Droid. Will we have Google Maps Navigation?

MILESTONE is a terminal that offers the complete Google experience. There is no difference between the experience offered by the American Droid and the MILESTONE European. The decision not to include the “With Google” tag on the case was only due to logistical reasons that would have delayed the launch in Europe and in no case affects the use and updates of the terminal.

As you know, Google Maps Navigation is only available in the US, although we hope that the service will soon be extended to Europe. Once available, installing it will be as easy as downloading any other application on the Android market.

The decision not to include the "With Google" tag on the case was solely due to logistical reasons that would have delayed the launch.

Another issue that has been talked about for a long time since Motorola announced that all its terminals would have an update to Android 2.1, is the specific date on which it will be available, and if the Motorola Milestone will come with it. I would also like to know your opinion of Flash, apparently only the Motorola Milestone will have the possibility to use the technology.

Motorola MILESTONE It will be the first terminal that will include by default and from the launch day version 2.1 of Android. There is nothing announced yet regarding other updates.

Motorola is involved in software development in this generation with its MotoBlur interface, what improvements are we going to see in the future in the interface? Are more widgets being developed? Is Motoblur associated with the company's most affordable Android phones ?

Motoblur is a very strong bet of the company. It is a platform created by Motorola and offers a unique experience, allowing the user to integrate their entire social life on a single screen.

Throughout the year, new terminals with Motoblur will arrive, aimed at meeting the expectations of those users who want to be able to comfortably manage their entire social life from their mobile phones. We believe that it is a platform that will have to say a lot in the medium term and that it is very attractive for certain user profiles highly involved in the world of web 2.0.

Obviously Motoblur will include improvements and updates in the future, although we have nothing to announce yet.

It will be the first terminal that will include by default and from the launch day version 2.1 of Android.

Sanjay Jha was present at the Nexus One presentation, CEO from the company, and it was reported that a Motorola phone would be sold in the Google store, can you tell us what it will be?

Sorry but we don't have that information.

Although it seems not, for other companies there is life beyond Android, is Motorola interested in Windows Phone 7 Series? And in other operating systems?

Motorola was one of the first manufacturers to bet on Android and we think it was a wise decision. However, Windows Phone 7 is a very interesting platform with a lot of potential and Microsoft has been a very important ally for us. Of course, we do not rule out launching terminals with this platform in the future, although right now our big bet is Android.

… Windows Phone 7 is a very interesting platform with a lot of potential…, we do not rule out launching terminals with this platform in the future.

These days the news that is giving the most talk is the demand imposed by Apple on HTC for infringing 20 of its patents, which indirectly appears to affect Google and its operating system. What is Motorola's opinion regarding this situation?

It is a matter that has to be resolved by the competent legal channels. For our part we have no comment to make about it.

I do not think this question is answered at the moment, but I would like to know Motorola's own opinion of the rumors circulating on the net that the next Google phone, called Nexus Two, will be manufactured by Motorola.

Our company policy does not allow us to comment on rumors and speculation. At the moment there is no announcement about it, so I cannot comment on the subject.


We finished the interview, and I hope it has been of your interest. From here I would like to thank Óscar Rodríguez for the time he has dedicated to us for its realization, and for the interesting information that we can share with you.

Regarding the rates, we inform you that you can make a pre-reservation of the terminal starting today, March 22, exclusively through the Orange website. Users who book Motorola Milestone will be able to acquire it with a mobile Internet Plus data rate (of 12 euros / month) from zero euros with portability to a Flat Rate 24h (fee of 59 euros / month) and stay of 24 months during which it will be necessary to maintain the same voice rate for 18 months.

Reservation page | Orange.

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