Motorola Morrison will arrive with classic specifications

Android can do it. I'm talking about bringing Motorola back to the highest mountain where Apple is now, HTC or Samsung within the world of telephony, to the place where a few years ago they were kings. And it is a week that the American brand carries as a result of its first mobile phones that will arrive with the Android operating system.

Motorola Morrison could be the first, with a launch scheduled for mid-October. Part of its possible specifications we already know, and they remain in line with the first Android phones that we have on the market.

The processor would be a Qualcomm MSM7201A at 528 MHz, with a 320 × 480 pixel resolution screen, proximity sensor and WiFi connectivity and A-GPS. The sound and the whole multimedia field will have a special role, since it comes with Bluetooth but also with a 3.5 mm headphone output.

The camera that records video is also included, with a resolution of 5 megapixels for photos and a very discreet 320 × 240 pixel video mode.

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