Motorola Moto 360, touchdown (with video)

Officially Motorola has presented its Moto 360 and its new range of smatphones in Chicago. However, the American company has taken a lightning trip to also be with us in Berlin. The truth is that we knew it for a long time, it was one of the first Android Wear announced, but it was not until yesterday when it ended up on our wrists.

In the words of Motorola representatives: they do not want to make a watch with sports in mind. They want to make a smartwatch while respecting more classic lines and without giving that sometimes so abrupt feeling that we have a last-generation gadget on our wrist. It has finally passed through our hands and the question is clear: has it been worth the wait since your announcement? Is it lagging a bit compared to the new batch of smart watches? Let's go with it.

Okay, Motorola, what time is it?

Motorola caught our attention in its day by making a circular watch. No square designs, a more classic dial with a physical button. From the renders it seemed that they had done a very good design job but it left us with an important question: was it a large or small watch? The images gave rise to all kinds of interpretations but today we leave doubts: it is large but no more than an analog clock.

Perhaps where it stands out a little more in thickness than it is somewhat thicker than a conventional watch. However it is not something that bothers. On the contrary: the Moto 360 is really comfortable on the wrist both at rest and when we are moving the hand. It does not stick and it does not dance once we have adjusted the strap.

The size is perfect to be able to interact with the screen without having to worry about putting your fingers on it. The physical button is a success, not only to maintain aesthetics but to have non-touch access to interact with the device. The only downside that we find is the small portion of the screen that is reserved for the sensors.

The circle is not completely complete and a small portion is hidden in a black color that, although it does not make the whole too ugly, does draw a little attention when we are looking at the screen. It is not a huge flaw but it breaks the aesthetics of what is possibly the smart watch that best combines simplicity and elegance.

The sensations with it are very comfortable and although the leather strap that it incorporates is very good we can always put it the one that we want as long as it is 22 millimeters. It is surprising how well it falls on the wrist and the brightness of the screen. Indoors it surprises and outdoors in direct light it suffers a bit but it can be seen subtly. We will see from day to day if we have to end up looking for a little shade to see what appears to us at all times.

In the software part we find few surprises, we already know Android Wear and the only differential that Motorola has made is to introduce the odd watch face to take advantage of the circular section of the mobile. As we already saw in video, the operating system is quite complete but it has some other shortcomings yet.

Pretending to beg has not been in vain, Motorola

More than one would have liked the Moto 360 to debut alongside the LG G Watch and the Samsung Gear Live. Lagging a bit has caused him to lose a bit of expectation, the leaks hurt, since the competition has put its batteries in these months. However, I will tell you one thing: the feeling it has given me is that the wait has been worth it and the 50 euros difference from the first Android Wear will not be difficult to justify.

The only downside that I can put so far is the doubts that Android Wear generates as a platform. The feeling it has given me so far is that it has a long journey and although the experience is not bad, it has much room for improvement. Also with autonomy there is a big problem: reaching a day of use with great difficulty does not seem to us to be liked by consumers, tired of charging their smartphone with that frequency. We will also test if the screen brightness doesn't end up being too frustrating.

Good work by Motorola that finally debuts in a market where for now no manufacturer has hit the mark. His classic style makes him win whole but we will see if it will be enough to become, or not, a reference.

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