Motorola Motoroi, another android with a lot of muscle

Motorola continues to give symptoms to become the phoenix of the mobile phone manufacturers. At a stroke and thanks to Android exclusively, it has seen how it already has a great deal of consideration for its terminals in the market, something that has not happened for many, many years.

The Motorola Motoroi is the next terminal that we are going to hear about, for the moment in Korea. It will be a phone with the Android operating system in version 2.0. and that comes with a lot of muscle, including an 8-megapixel camera.

Motorola Motoroi, more power please

Mobile terminals, and we will stick exclusively to telephones, have never been so close to classic computer equipment. And even more so if we think that a good part of today's users base their activity with computers in three fields: social networks, email and sporadic navigation.

And for these tasks, the phone is already an element of the present. So the path of union between computing and telephony that Nokia craved so much with its Nseries is already very close. The Motorola Motoroi is the next example that we can give you.

For starters we have its 3.7-inch touch screen with a resolution of 480 x 854 pixels. It is capacitive type so the finger will be necessary to handle it. On the subject of text input, the Motorola Motoroi offers us five ways to type, including the full QWERTY keyboard, the QWERTY medium or by hand, with the help of its character recognition system.

Korean touches for this phone

If we talk about a Korean phone and ignore the issue of television on mobile, we would not be doing anything right. The Motorola Motoroi does not ignore this truth and is responsible for including a DTT tuner to have television on the mobile phone.

Storage we have 8 GB of internal memory and the possibility of expanding it with the use of microSD cards, affordable and tiny. These can be up to 32 GB.

Photos and videos that we can see with its HDMI output

The Nexus One by Google can boast above all the integration of the services of the search engine company and to be able to always go a little ahead in the incorporation of the new versions of Android. In theory.

The Motorola Motoroi is also decked out by mail, maps, YouTube or instant messaging made in Google.

The photo and video camera that includes it can be used to send by mail or upload to the social sites that we frequent our creations. For this we have an 8 megapixel camera with Xenon flash and that allows video recording at 720p.

The camera function also allows us to take panoramas, face detection, a 6-photo burst, stabilization and some other help from the world of compacts. For video mode there is no missing HDMI output on the phone.

More information | Motorola.

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