Motorola does not give truce with the new V1150

From the same brand, that is, from Motorola, they know it as "sophisticated" and like the "Slender supremacy". It might sound pretentious, but nothing is further from reality.

The new Motorola V1150 presents a very serious and mature aspect, without stopping adding those options that make the new terminals more than just phones and turn them into multimedia and entertainment devices.

And it is that the V1150 will delight us with a VGA camera for the video call and another one with 2 megapixels and 8x digital zoom to capture even the smallest detail in the photos.

It will also have bluetooth technology, a small processor expressly added for the 3D performance of some games and applications, and the option of increasing memory up to 512MB, which this terminal and its future users will surely appreciate since it can play Acc +, Mpeg4 formats. , Mp3, Wmv, Wma and Real video / audio with their respective players.

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