Motorola patents the single screen, to rule them all

The patent world is sometimes like a new, strange dimension. Motorola, which seems to resurface as the Phoenix, a new registered idea has now been known that seeks that it is not the content that adapts to the screen but that we, the consumers, are the ones who can unite screens of different equipment for the reproduction and display of content.

That reconfigurable multiscreen is more futuristic than real right now. In addition to being able to configure the number of screens required, this patent also talks about settings for each one depending on the resolution of the video streaming through a given connection. Therefore, more screens would be necessary when the video arrives with good quality, enough to take advantage of all its resolution, than when the quality is not the best.

The possibility of dividing the applications or notices between the multiple screens that we can integrate is also open. Although with several phones it is far, the union and coordination between the screen of our phone and that of a monitor, computer screen or television does not seem so farfetched.

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