Motorola Quench is the next Android on the MWC catwalk

Motorola, which we have already discovered will bring the Milestone to Spain from March, has presented its new Android terminal and its Motoblur customization at the MWC in Barcelona.

The Motorola Quech follows the line of the terminals with Android that are on the market. Little novelty in the design or specifications part since it is considered that what is important in these cases must be found in the operating system.

Motoblur in the Motorola Quench

With no physical keyboard involved, control of the Motorola Quench passes through its screen again. In this model it is 3.1 inches.

Interesting thing about this Motorola Quench We find it again in the customization made by the American company of the Android operating system, which will be version 2.1 with its voice search included. Motoblur once again becomes the nerve center of the terminal, a meeting place for content from various sources such as email or social media.

The Motorola Quench debuts the Swype system for entering text with the touch screen and answering messages faster. It will have to be tested to assess if it fulfills its mission in a terminal with a young focus and for those who do not want to carry a lot of phone in their pocket and are limited to good communication with a system like Android.

The web browsing part has been reinforced in this latest Motorola phone. Account for it with Adobe Flash Lite. As for the camera, the Motorola Quench incorporates a 5-megapixel camera with an LED flash.

In the field of connectivity we find the minimum that we can currently ask a phone like this: WiFi, aGPS and Bluetooth. It will arrive a few months to the market.

More information | Motorola.

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