Motorola Moto X is official, it will be built in the United States

As usual, the All Things D D11 lectures give a lot to talk about, being used by the main CEOs of the companies to give important news and opinions. The last case we have with Motorola and its next big phone, the first of a new Motorola.

Dennis Woodside, the current CEO of Motorola, has gone through the aforementioned event that takes place in New York, and has revealed to us that they are working on a Moto X, which we have been talking about for months based on leaks, but now we can assure that it is a real product that will be on the market before the end of the year.

Dennis had the phone on him but has not shown it to the conference audience. He mentioned that it incorporated new sensors that will help the phone anticipate your actions. For example, recognizing that you are pulling it out of your pants, a scheduled action will be triggered or executed.

Nothing more about the phone itself, but if we pull previous news, they already let us know that they were especially interested in complying with a note in two aspects: resistance and autonomy.

Moto X, Made in USA

There are over 130 million Smartphones in the United States, and none of them have been assembled here ... so far

He tells us that the Motorola X Phone will be a phone made in the united states, specifically in Texas, taking advantage of an old plant belonging to Nokia. Of course, the components will come from twelve different markets: processors from Taiwan, OLED screens from South Korea. Motorola boasts that 70% of its manufacturing will be American.

Motorola sees the idea of ​​having designers in Illinois and California closer to manufacturing as very positive with the intention of making the entire process faster. This does not imply that they stop manufacturing in other countries, such as China or Brazil, where they will continue making other phones.

On the market in late summer

The Motorola X Phone will hit the North American market late summer. Between now and October we will see more Motorola phones accompanying the X Phone. Hopefully this is the first proof that Google acquired the company for more than just its intellectual property, although they want to continue to show themselves as independent companies.

We belong to Google, but we will not lose our identity, we continue to operate independently

The CEO also had an opportunity to talk about prices, considering that the $ 650 that an average high-end phone costs is excessive. They cannot lower prices to 50%, but they will try to offer top quality phones at lower prices.

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