Motorola and Apple confirm date for mobile with iTunes

One of the most anticipated news in recent months has been the project by Motorola and Apple to produce a mobile phone model capable of playing songs downloaded from the online music store. iTunes. Yesterday Eddy Cue, vice president in charge of applications at Apple, confirmed that both companies will have this gadget ready for the first half of 2005, awaiting the official announcement for the MacWorld Expo in January. The mobile will connect to the computer - which can run Windows or Macintosh - via Bluetooth and according to Apple it will not be high-end, placing it "far from $ 500." This move represents Apple's positioning in the music market for mobile phones, one of the most desired for the near future. Many doubts remain about which philosophy will end up taking shape: the music stores of the operators such as those of Vodafone or Telefónica that allow direct download to the mobile? The ones that sell music to the computer that can be transferred afterwards to the phone like this with ITunes ?, and if they are the latter, will Microsoft manage to impose Windows Media Player that comes in its Windows Mobile operating system? Perhaps Apple would have been better associated with Nokia and its Symbian system, with many more terminals, than with Motorola, which is also losing market with respect to Samsung.

Be that as it may, all lovers of Apple products have a new device on the pending list, although getting to the heights of iPod seems very difficult this time for the company of Steve Jobs.

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