Dell mobile with Android, on the way?

For a long time we have been talking about two Dell products, both related to Android but that have not yet seen the light. First we have the ultraportable, which certainly seems interesting and real to such an extent that they were testing it in their laboratories.

And secondly we find a Dell mobile with Android, something that has been said for almost a year and a half and now seems closer than ever. WSJ reports report people who have seen Dell engineers operating a device that is somewhat larger than an iPod Touch and running Android. They could not confirm if it is a mobile phone, a player or something MID, although what seems clear is that it is much smaller than an ultraportable.

In the same article of WSJ They highlight that there are other sources that indicate that these prototypes that manage internally in Dell could see the light at the end of 2009, using processors with architecture ARM, generally included in high-performance mobile phones or multimedia players.

Of course, since Dell have not made any assessment, neither for nor against the rumors. Mobile or MID Dell with Android, what do you prefer?

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