Paris Hilton mobile hacked

The famous, for these parts especially on the Internet, Paris Hilton It is news again. This time it is not a scandalous video, but because your T-Mobile Sidekick has been hacked and all the information it contained has been put on the network. Regarding Paris Hilton, it should not surprise us that tens of thousands of websites have echoed the news, so it is not very difficult to get the photos, the phone numbers (Eminem, Lindsay Lohan, and Christina Aguilera among others, for me. regret did not have Natalie Portman's) and messages stored. It seems that the possibility that the data is false has been ruled out, at least as stated by an authority in the matter such as Drudge Report. It is not the first time that there are security problems in this company, let's remember that a cracker accessed photos and data of T-Mobile customers. On this occasion it seems that they used social engineering. In short, if you want to test the veracity of the hack, all you have to do is follow the links.

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