Mutant mobile, winner of the HTC Dream

It has been very tight and complicated for the competition jury HTC Dream in Xataka the decision of the winning comment. Many and varied (more than 1,000) have been the functionalities that you have proposed to us for the 2020 mobile phone, most incredibly implausible within only 10 yearsbut it had to be visionary and there you have behaved.

We liked the field of interfaces, controlled by the mind or by gestures, the total telephone or as security against accidents, but finally, for the jury, it deserved to win the HTC Dream the xatakero derwanderer. His idea has seemed to us the most visionary, that is, that he is ahead of his time or has a vision of the future.

For derwandererAs with many of us, the mobile phone of the future (2020) will be plastic and can be adapted to the use we want to give it. We imagine it using the nanotechnology that manufacturers talk about so much, with flexible, transparent materials and smart surfaces that would become the device we need at all times.

This phone imagined by derwanderer It would be a phone with a keyboard when we need to call with it, a big screen to use it as a multimedia player or a practical electronic book when we go on the train.

We can only congratulate the winner, wish him enjoy his new HTC Dream and of course, thank all the participants for collaborating with us in the search for the mobile of the future.

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