Mobiles, books, and a new distribution channel

The mobile is already an important part of our lives, and if we live in Japan more. Rare is the time we see on the news the image of a Japanese with a mobile phone in his hand walking down the street or coming and going in the subway, and without books in hand. But the answer is easy, now they can download and read entire books on their mobiles, since several Webs have included digital books among their offerings, and they cover all genres. The books are specially written for this medium. I do not know how much I could bear reading such a small screen (I am one of the old-fashioned ones in a matter of books), but what I am clear about is that publishers have another very important distribution channel. In the new generations, with countless children glued to their phones, it is a good way to encourage reading. Or is it that only the Japanese have realized this?

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