Movistar and Vodafone also announce their data rates for iPad 3G in Spain

Well yes, a few hours after knowing the final launch date of the iPad in Spain and Orange's offer in terms of data rates, Movistar does the same, announcing its own.

Thus, we will have three Movistar rates for the successful Apple tablet, all of them unlimited flat data rates, although, as with the iPhone, they will reduce the connection speed by exceeding a certain volume of data transfer.

Therefore we find:

  • Flat rate of 15 euros, with a transfer limit of up to 200 MB.
  • Flat rate of 25 euros, which increases this limit to 1 GB.
  • Flat rate of 39 euros, with up to 5 GB of data transfer

On the other hand, Movistar will also offer a prepaid option, which will consist of a "pay-per-use" of 3 euros for 30 MB, or a monthly bonus of 1 GB for 49 euros.

Nothing we did not expect, the truth, although perhaps the most interesting part of the announcement is the benefit that those who have an iPhone with a flat data rate of 25 euros will get, since they will be able to share this data rate with the iPad, requesting a new card SIM (Micro SIM in this case):

Movistar users who already have an iPhone or other movistar smartphone with a flat data rate of 25 or 39 euros, and buy an iPad, will be able to request a second SIM card for free - in this case the new microSIM card format- to use it and connect to the Internet with your iPad. Therefore, these customers can thus use their flat data rate to connect from their iPhone, smartphone or iPad.
For their part, those Movistar customers who have the flat data rate of 15 euros on their iPhone, or on another movistar smartphone, will be able to migrate to another flat rate of 25 or 39 euros, and thus get the second card for free SIM –microSIM-, which can be used interchangeably on the iPad, iPhone or smartphone.

That is, whoever already has a data rate on the iPhone of 25 euros, will receive a second SIM directly for the iPad and whoever has a rate of 15 euros (most users) will be able to pay 10 euros more in order to have a rate data flat on both products. Without a doubt a good move by Movistar…

The other good news, as with the Orange offer, is that it is not necessary to make a permanency contract for data rates, contrary to what happens with the iPhone, so we assume that the iPad will not come either subsidized by Movistar.

Data plans do not require a permanency contract

And this is all for now, we only have to know what Vodafone's offer will be, if necessary. Will it surprise with any offer that makes Apple customers migrate or will it be more of the same? We will be attentive to the announcement to tell you.

Upgrade: Vodafone also makes its rates official, and offers us a flat rate for surfing the internet at 15 euros per month with a limit of 200 MB per month, or 32 euros per month if we want to surf without data transfer limits.

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